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The 2 Most Dangerous Household Pests

termite and pest control companies

Homeowners need to be concerned with pests, especially since there are many kinds of them. Yes, pests are annoying, even if they are harmless to people, but because they are annoying no one would entertain the idea of having one in their house. But the truth is some pests are not limited to annoyance only. There are pests that bring a lot of dangers like the ones we shall talk about.


We all know what white ants or termites are. They are interesting little creatures that would endanger homes, buildings, structures, furniture or anything that contains wood. Even though termites appear scary and might bite, they are actually harmless to us humans. They don’t bite. They aren’t even carriers of diseases. They are only known to consume wood and destroy homes.

A termite doesn’t eat much but it lives with thousands of other termites in a single colony. Thus, the entire colony ends up consuming lots of wood. If they are gone unnoticed, it would only take them several months to turn a small house into rubble. If there are termites present, you would then need to call Kilter Temecula branch.


Mice and their bigger relative the rats are pests with extreme danger. They not only pose hazards to our belongings and homes but also to our health. These rodents would likely chew anything that they could find. They would chew on wires exposing it and causing fire hazards. They would damage wood and funiture. They would even chew on bricks and cement defacing the value of your home.

These pests bring huge danger to human health. Rats and mice are dirty creatures and they spread life threatening illnesses like leptospirosis and rabies. These illnesses are dangerous and would cost us a lot of money for treatments.

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